Kokborok (auch Tripuri) ist eine Sprache, die von den Tripuri im indischen Bundesstaat Tripura und den angrenzenden Regionen in Bangladesch gesprochen wird. Der Name Kokborok setzt sich aus den Wörtern Kok (Sprache) und Borok (hier: die Tripuri) zusammen.
Kokborok ist bereits seit dem 1. Jahrhundert n. Chr. schriftlich belegt. Die Sprache wurde damals in der Koloma-Schrift geschrieben und vor allem zur Beschreibung tripurischer Könige verwendet. Seit 1979 ist die Sprache Amtssprache des Bundesstaates Tripura. Die Anerkennung der Sprache als eine Nationalsprache Indiens wird noch diskutiert.

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Kokborok – Wikipedia
Kokborok (auch Tripuri) ist eine Sprache, die von den Tripuri im indischen Bundesstaat Tripura und den angrenzenden Regionen in Bangladesch gesprochen ...
Kokborok - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Borok language, or Kok Borok (Kokborok), also known as Tripuri, is any of the native languages of the Tripuri people of the Indian state of Tripura and ...
Kok Borok | Ethnologue
Debbarma, Jamatia, Noatia (Tipra). Debbarma is spoken by the royal family and is medium of communication with the other dialects; understood by all, but not ...
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Kokborok. 1062 likes · 12 talking about this. India tei Bangladesh haste o Kokborok sanai bosong wngkha kwbang ma, aboni bising tongo, Debbarma, Tripura, ...
Kokborok Songs Mp3 Download
Download Kokborok Songs for free, free mp3, download song, search Kokborok Songs song and download free.
Kokborok Music Music, Lyrics, Songs, and…
Kokborok Music Lyrics, Songs, Music, and Videos by the band Kokborok Music at ReverbNation
Brief about the Kokborok. Contents. 1. Brief about the Kokborok. 2-2. 2. Spelling Method of Kokborok in Roman Script. 3-4. 3. LESSON – I : Some useful Words ...
Joshua Project - Kok Borok Bibles, facts, materials and people ...
Kok Borok Bibles, facts, materials and people groups that speak Kok Borok.
Collection of Kokborok Poem: Koklob
Category: Love | Spirituals | Patriotic | Nature | Friendship | Inspirational | Song Lyrics | Children | Family | MuYa. By: Pyare DebBarma, Category: Inspirational, ...
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[PDF]Part of Speech (POS) Tagger for Kokborok - the Association for ...
Kokborok literatures were written in Koloma or. Swithaih borok script which suffered massive destruction. Overall, the Kokborok language is very scientific and ...
[PDF]A Light Weight Stemmer in Kokborok - the Association for ...
A Light Weight Stemmer in Kokborok. Braja Gopal Patra, Khumbar Debbarma, Swapan Debbarma. Department of Computer Science and Engineering ...
IJCA - Kokborok Morphological Analyzer using Stemmer
Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. ... This work tries to study the Morphology of Kokborok language word and proposed to develop ...
Science Fair Projects - Kokborok
The Ultimate Science Fair Projects Encyclopedia - Kokborok.
Isolated Kokborok Vowels Recognition - Springer
Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 270, 2012, pp 489-493 ... In this paper we try to analyze the Kokborok vowels signals. Kokborok ...
Kokborok-MSc-TRIPURA UNIVERSITY-Admissionhelpline.com
Kokborok-MSc. Master of Science degrees are the basic degree types in most subjects, and may be either entirely course-based or entirely research-based, ...
What is kokborok language? - Yahoo! Answers
Science & Mathematics · Social Science · Society & Culture · Sports ... Kok-borok is the native language of the Borok people in the Indian state ...
Kokborok, a short analysis
Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société. ... the Khumulwng institutions, which I also visited, and several also worked within the Kokborok Tei hukumu Mission .
[PDF]Morphological Analysis of Kokborok for Universal Networking ... - IEEE
Department of Computer Science,. Assam University, India, bipul_sh@hotmail. com. Abstract: This paper focuses on morphological analysis of. Kokborok words ...
Jadu Kolija, the Core of Kokborok Culture and Language - Term ...
Kokborok language, like its speakers, seems to be critically poised at some crossroads of history. Strewn about the length of breadth of this hallowed land of ...
Bücher zum Begriff Kokborok
Kokborok Grammar
Kokborok Grammar
Pushpa Karapurkar, 1976
This text is concerned with Kokborok, which is spoken in Tripura and belongs to the Bodo sub-group of the Tibeto Burman family.
Bodo-Konyak-Jingpho-Sprachen: Kokborok, Bodo-Koch-Sprachen, ...
Bodo-Konyak-Jingpho-Sprachen: Kokborok, Bodo-Koch-Sprachen, ...
Bcher Gruppe, 2010
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UF Kojinmei lsekigun (Maebashi-shi, Japan) BT Japan—Antiquities Kojojo (Ueda -shi, Japan) USE Shiodajo (Ueda-shi, Japan) Kojonen family (Not Subd Geog) Kojuc (Serbia) USE Kljuc (Serbia : Region) Kok Borok folk songs USE Folk songs ...
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Tripura University is looking for Assistant Professor in Kokborok
Looking for a government job as an Assistant Professor in Kokborok in Tripura? Here an opportunity to works as an Assistant Professor in Kokborok in Tripura university. So, go through this job post to know about the educational quantification, salary etc ...
Kokborok Magazine to mark 15 years of Salesian film company | NewsGrab
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Jadu Kolija, the core of Kokborok culture and language | Blog Sorosoro
Kokborok Magazine to Mark 15 Years of Salesian Film Company | ManipurUpdate.com – Online News Portal of Manipur
Achaima chini haa.: Kokborok - Language of Borok
Kokborok - Language of Borok Kokborok is the language of Borok people of Twipra (Tripura) which can be analyzed in a very simple way, 'Kok' means language and 'Borok' means a name of a people group or a nation. Thus the name of this language is called Kokborok.
YARWNG (ROOTS) Kokborok Film: National Award winning film from Tripura Yarwng (Roots), made in Kokborok language, to be screened in Paris.
Published Friday, Dec 02,2011:13:27Place Agartala/ Agency PTINational Award winning film from Tripura Yarwng (Roots), made in Kokborok language, will be screened in Paris. Yarwng, the opening film of the Indian Panorama section at India international Film Festival of India (IFFI Goa) in 2008, had brought to Tripura its first National Film Award in 2010.
Requirement for Kok borok Language Translators | Editing | Proofreading | Translation
Kokborok to English Language Translators. Who can work with us as a Translator for long term relations. Interest people can contact us on [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]Note : Please do not follow the below rates which is quoted by us. Thanks & regards, For Nvisage Translation (India) Rohan Manager (Translation Services) [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin
Journal of Multilingual Education Online: Kok Borok Koklop
Jabuini Saal - Tabokni SaalBy Borendra Lal TripuraJabuilai chini moyal-o toksa tokmului poongoChagoi paiya nungoi paiya khago khatungma fai-o. Sumbur sub-oi dangdung tam-oi rachap-jalai-oSikalarok khatung-lai-oi sungui-jalai-o.
Kok Borok: Alphabets of Kokborok (Tripuri)
The alphabets of Kokborok are:VowelsA E I O U WConsonantsB D G H J K L M N P R S T YConsonant clustersCh Kh Ph Th NgVowel clustersUa Uo Nasal ConsonantN'High Toneh.